Terms and Conditions

  1. Tuition fees must be paid at the beginning of each lesson.
  2. Tuition fee is forfeited if your appointment is not strictly adhered to unless 48 hours notice of cancellation is received.
  3. All pre-paid lessons should be taken within a period of six months unless logged with head office.
  4. Time spent travelling to and from picking pupils up is counted as lesson time.
  5. Use of our car for the driving test is charged at the same fee as one hour’s tuition.
  6. We reserve the right to withhold use of the school car for Government test if, in our opinion, the pupil has not attained the standard required.
  7. If due to any unforeseen circumstances we are unable to provide a suitable school car we will refund your test fee.
  8. Your contract of business is between your specific instructor and yourself.  All of our instructors work on a self employed basis.